Songs of Finbec

A Not-So-Friendly Drink

Session 4

PCs: Ghesh of Norixius, Silverwood Andromeda, Lilliana Mereaux

The party arrives back in Rossale, where they hand the cultists Marlee Ilgenar (still in a coma) and Gustav Perie over to the guards. The guards inform them that they should meet up with the Inspector the next day to be cleared of any wrongdoing in the case. They then go visit Alban Duclos to collect their reward, and head to the Weary Emerald to relax and wash up.

While eating a bit at the Weary Emerald, Micken Ilgenar, father of the comatose cultist, angrily enters. He accepts the party’s story, and requests that they intervene and help him get access to a parcel of land he’d like to hunt from the reluctant Tenil Rovena.


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