Songs of Finbec

Eyes In The Dark

Session 7

PCs: Ghesh of Norixius, Silverwood Andromeda, Lilliana Mereaux

A guardsman finds the party, and tells them that Inspector Vildane Radale has found himself called off on urgent business, and asks if they will be able to follow up the lead at the Adept Scroll. They find the old wizard proprietor Ettard Barnes, and ask him for his assistance. He agrees he can help them, if they can help him clear up some monsters he’s let into his basement – he isn’t sure what. The party agrees, and is on their way downstairs – though not before Lilli receives a Spell Scroll to assist her.

After slaying a few rats, the party stumbles across a young grick. Andromeda strikes it first, though the blade does little damage to it. It lashes out at her with slimey tentacle, and Ghesh strikes it with a crossbow bolt. Lilli attempts to strike it with an eldritch blast, but the electricity in the air misses the beast. Again Andromeda strikes it with her blade, and this time when the grick retaliates it strikes her, and attempts to bite at her with it’s beak as well, but she breaks free. Ghesh fires a cold blue magical ray from his hand which strike the creature, ice building up around it, freezing it solid. He walks up to the beast and flicks it with a finger, and it shatters into a thousand pieces.

After Ghesh steals the beast’s beak from a pile of shards they continue through the cellars, finding a few more rats. Then, nearly having walks the entire loop, they encounter a strange creature hanging from a ceiling – a darkmantle!

It drops from it’s perch, flapping in the air, and Ghesh fires a bolt at it, piercing a tentacle. The darkmantle attacks Andromeda, who is closest, enveloping it’s tentacles around her head, but she again slips away. Lilli quickly fires an eldritch blast and misses, but Ghesh’s magic missles do not, and the creature falls dead. The party slays another rat on their way out of the cellar, and finds Ettard again.

In thanks, Ettard grants them all a small token. For Ghesh, a letter of introduction to his his cousin, proprietor of Barnes’ Beasts, just outside Solhomme – Ghesh seeks a pseudodragon, and the other Barnes may be able to help. For Andromeda, a small, plain grey stone – which once a day has the power of curing, alongside the strange side effect of randomly changing the color of her hair for three hours. He feels bad at just the letter, so also grants Gresh a very tiny wooden box, with the odd power to make anyone but the opener within 15 feet of the box very very cold – though not enough to hurt them – for up to 5 minutes at a time. For Lilli, a blank scroll, and the words that she’ll appreciate it eventually.


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