Songs of Finbec

Friend of A Friend

Session 6

PCs: Ghesh of Norixius, Silverwood Andromeda, Lilliana Mereaux

After their night out, the party heads back to the Egg for a night’s rest, and journeys to meet the Inspector, Vildane Radale, at the Armory. The Inspector takes their statement, and instructs the party that they’re to remain in town until the case is fully closed, or at the least, that they’ve been cleared of any wrong-doing. He asks them for help in following up on one of the two leads: Track down Nellethiel Lugrakal, a friend of Marlee Ilgenar, for more information, or visit the Adept Scroll and find help in waking the girl.

The party heads to the Lower Hollow to track down Nellethiel. Once in the Hollow, they find themselves attacked by bandits, who they quickly dispatch. They first look at the Flamboyant Fire, but find don’t find her. On their way to the Lovely Wench, they run into Nellethiel. Nellethiel agrees to help them, and lets them know that Saturday their is to be a gathering, and she’ll let them know where it will be once she finds more details.

She also gives them information on Tenil Rovena. Tenil, they discover, is in love with a ‘working girl’ by the name of Elwynd Palmer. Elwynd, however, spends all of her free time with her love, a bard named Tilner Rye. Many nights, they discover, Tenil can be found at the Flamboyant Fire, drowning his sorrows.


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