Songs of Finbec

Funeral for a Friend

Session 12

PCs: Ghesh, Andromeda, Theoris, Arlo

As the party awoke after their encounter with Inmummar and his bandits, they scoured for treasure while Andromeda spoke to animals and found a few horses. Arlo and Theoris hobbled together a cart, and they began the voyage back to Rossale, with bodies to bury.

Along the way they met a Pegasus, Apomeon, who had been Inmummar’s steed. Seeking vengeance, the creature attacked, but Andromeda was able to convince it to take Inmummar’s body and let them be.

Arriving in Rossale, they brought Kathon to the Mesian Temple, and funeral rites were performed, and ashes given to Ghesh to scatter. They then hit up the Deacon Hill market for some buying and selling.

While at the market, the party was summoned to the office of Mayor Lise Gaudreaux, where they were hired to perform another task – fetch the tax lodger from a drunken tax collector, and carry the town’s collection to the capitol city, Solhomme.

The party agreed to take the four and a half day’s ride to Solhomme, and in exchange would keep the horses and carriage. Lise then asked to see their wooden “ruby” from Earline Wildryt, and pressed the ruby into the cone of a small silver candle snuffer before handing it back to them, and bidding them well.


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