Songs of Finbec

Night Work

Session 9

The party ventured into the Lower Hollow to convince Tenil Rovena to cede the hunting grounds to Micken Ilgenar.

At the Lovely Wench, they convinced Elwynd Palmer to allow herself to be “kidnapped”, in exchange for ransom – enough gold for her and Tilner Rye to leave down, and the signed deed for Micken. As Arlo entertained the crowd with his song, the others set up the plot.

Andromeda posed as a working girl, alongside Elwynd. As they entered the Wench, Ghesh posed as a wealthy suitor, and purchased their company. Outside, on the way to their room, Elwynd used a bit of magic to animate several cloaks, having them appear to kidnap her – and conjured a Dryad to make the battle a bit more realistic.

As the crowd shrieked and rushed out to see the fight, Arlo joined with his companions in combat against the dryad. As his bolt struck the fatal blow, a note was “found” with the ransom demands – which Tenil rapidly complied with, in hopes of winning Elwynd’s affections. The deed was signed over, and the party had what they needed to satisfy Micken.


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