Daelin Andoral


Daelin is a 300 year old Wood Elf Monk, with grey hair, bronze skin, and golden eyes.


Daelin grew up in a small village in Aelun, specifically in a small village south of Galo Serin. It was a simple life, an innocent life full of wonder and joy. Then near his 50th birthday a strange illness swept through the land. He watched helplessly as everyone he loved and knew, died playfully. Alone and without any options he traveled south where he came across a trader’s caravan, after traveling with them for a few months he discovered the Shogunate and specifically a monastery that would accept him as a student.

He has spent the last 250 years training and educating himself. He has dedicated himself to the Way of the Long Death. Monks of this style spend year studying the meaning and mechanics of dying. They capture creatures and prepare elaborate experiments to capture, record, and understand the moments of their demise. They then use this knowledge to guide their understanding of martial arts, yielding a deadly fighting style.

Daelin is committed to turning death against those that would use their power against the innocent. He will not be powerless the next time death descends upon the innocent.

Daelin Andoral

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