Lilliana Mereaux


Lilliana is a human warlock, with dark brown hair, tan skin, and green eyes.


Lilliana grew up the child of travelling merchants in Royaum, specifically from Clelonde. She often played among their caravans as they traveled along the roads between cities. Naturally, upon reaching the age of 20, she started her first trading caravan under the tutelage of her parents. Unfortunately, the caravan was beset by bandits who ambushed the caravan guards and slaughtered the entire caravan – including her parents. Lilliana, left for dead in a pile of corpses, cried out for help as the bandits began to set the pile alight – and she was answered.

Something unfathomable, something whose name she could not understand, answered her call and whisked her away to a nearby town in exchange for her… cooperation. It marked her soul as a pact, providing her strange powers in exchange for unknown favors in the future. Lilliana, devastated and lost, unsure of how to handle her newfound powers, wandered from town to town as a vagrant before finally joining up with a mercenary company.

She learned to hide her powers, fearing to reveal them for she knew she had no good explanation. There, with the Company of the Red Lion, she learned to hone her martial skills in training. In her first battle against dragons, the mercenary company was slaughtered, causing Lilliana to flee for her life. From there, she began work as a bodyguard for hire, generally accompanying merchants but willing to work for whoever would provide coin.

Lilliana Mereaux

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