Remy Desmares

People's Bishop of Solhomme


Eyes which switch in an instant between stern and reassuring set into a sharp face, Remy Desmares is renowned throughout the capitol city of Solhomme as the People’s Bishop.


At 32, Remy is the older brother to Thierry Desmares, nicknamed The People’s Clown Prince of Solhomme.

When the boys were 3 and 9 they were orphaned by the death of their parents in a housefire. With no other relatives to claim them, the boys were raised by the streets of Solhomme. Their wit and charisma made them welcome in many homes, young Thierry learning to bring a smile to the faces of anyone who would help them out, and Remy taking solace in the church.

Close to this day, the brothers have moved in different directions. While Thierry still works as an entertainer, Remy is the priest of a small church in a poor district of Solhomme, which has gained enough stature and influence that many of the nobility will make occasional visits to hear Remy hold mass. In addition to his preaching,

Remy Desmares

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