Seldanna Genna


Seldanna is a 134 year old High Elf Rogue. She has blue eyes, white hair, and very pale skin.


Seldanna Genna (born Midothiel Nightstar) was born in Palus as the only child to a noble family.

She had as lovely of a childhood as one could hope, her mother (whose name was Lansaidh) even began teach her in the ways of some small magicks as is traditional for elves of the Nightstar family. Seldanna’s favorite was always the mending spell as she seemed to be constantly getting snares in the finery which her mother lavished upon her and it was an easy way to avoid a scolding. Her father was a very important man among certain social circles in Palus and therefore many of Seldanna’s earlier memories are of she and her mother going on walks through the garden or accompanying her mother to the market. She and her mother were very close when Seldanna was a child.

During her childhood, there was a festival she was told to stay inside during. Her mother feared that she would get lost in the crowd or be exposed to something highly unsavory. Seldanna’s father would be gone for the next few days for the festival, which her mother chose to stay home from. Seldanna bribed one of the servants to give her a set of common clothes so that she could sneak out and see this festival for herself. She snuck her way out and was amazed by the sight and sounds of the city which she was rarely allowed to visit and certainly never on her own. She stuck to the sides of the streets, watching the adults swirl around her like fast moving rivers of colors and sounds.

She noticed her father and a group of his friends at a merchant’s stall not far from her, so she quickly ducked next to an alley and hid behind a box so she could watch her father. Her father and his group of friends were approached by a woman with three children; all of their clothes were ragged, and none of them wore shoes. Seldanna expected her father to invite this woman back to their house, to care for her and her children as he had for Seldanna all these years. Instead as she watched the poor woman’s lips moved, her father’s mouth curled into a snarl and she heard him shout “filthy street scum” and backhand this woman across the face, to which all of his friends laugh. And joined in shouting awful things at her. The woman fell to her knees, hands clasped as if in prayer, begging louder now, asking for something just for the children. Other people in their finery noticed this commotion and she hears one woman remark “no better than the filth the horses leave on the streets.” She kept watching, waiting for someone to defend this poor woman, but none of the nobility who paraded their riches down the street at this supposedly joyous occasion dared to even slow their step to aide this woman.

Seldanna was terrified, she tried to see the woman, but she too had disappeared into the shadows. Tears streaming down her face, she raced back home and quickly changed out of her common clothes. This event sparked something within her. Now every fancy dinner she attended felt dirty and disgusting, every new dress her mother surprised her with felt revolting. Why did people like her deserve this finery and wealth when others were on the streets? This discontentment continued to grow, she hated what her parents had let themselves be entranced by, what had they even done to earn the life they lead? She made plans to leave, take the bare minimum to survive on the streets and go earn her own way of life. On the night of a large party, she put those common clothes back on and used the hustle and bustle to exit through the garden, tears streaming down her face as she remembered the tender times her mother had sat with her, taught her, and walked with her through this very garden. She couldn’t live this way anymore with what she had witnessed.

After departing, Seldanna raced to the outskirts of the city, wanting to be anywhere but [HOME CITY]. She wandered and travelled for two years, working street cons as a hustler to make money enough for food and supplies. Everywhere she travelled she was met with the same separation, this judgement of people based on the gold in their pouch. She ended up in Royaum after years of travelling and something was different about this place. There wasn’t as much separation between those who had and those who had not. So here she decided to stay for a time.

During her time in Royaum, she came to realize that she still hadn’t run quite far away enough from her problems and she was forced to face them head on. She was out for an early evening stroll through the streets of Royaum and overheard some hushed voices in an alley. Never one to pass up an opportunity for access to secret information, she hid behind the corner and listened closely as two older women spoke in hushed tones. “Shame what happened in [HOME CITY] isn’t it?” one of the women said “Yes,” said a slightly younger sounding woman “Lansaidh didn’t deserve that from her only daughter.” Seldanna tensed up at the mention of her mother’s name, how did they know about her escape? The older woman tutted softly “I certainly understand why she did it though, I can’t imagine losing my daughter. Once you’re a mother, they’re your whole world.” Seldanna started to panic “What did she mean ’why she did it’? What did my mother do?” The younger woman continued, “Yes, all of [HOME CITY] is in mourning over Lansaidh.” Seldanna was in shock; her mother had died.

“Well after two years of searching,” the older one murmured “they all assumed Midothiel was dead and Lansaidh didn’t want to live if she couldn’t live with her daughter by her side. It wasn’t painful though, I head she poisoned her own mead at the celebration they had for Midothiel’s 143rd birthday. They found her later that night, spread out on her daughter’s old bed, clutching a letter her daughter had written long long ago.” Seldanna was, for once, in complete shock, she couldn’t make a sound as tears streamed down her face. Her mother had killed herself because she had left? She instantly ran, she didn’t care if anyone saw her or heard her, she didn’t stick to the hidden places and the shadows, she just needed to get away from what she’d heard. This would go on to be the only thing Seldanna regretted about her choice to leave. She would do anything to bring her mother back, who had never been anything but kind and nice. For months, she wasn’t seen by any of the normal street crowd. She had sequestered herself off, to be completely by herself to deal with the loss of her mother. And the raging battle going on inside her between the desire to return home to grieve with her father or to remain here and respect her decision to leave two years ago. About two months after Seldanna overheard the women talking; she returned to the street as if nothing had happened. Whenever someone would ask her about it she would make up a story and tell them how she was kidnapped or chased by terrifying lizards.

That all happened about three years ago and things have been fairly average since then, Seldanna has run her cons and charmed the street folk till they told her the best marks in town, wafted in and out of groups of only somewhat shady street “business” men. Thoughts of her mother’s death and of what sparked her decision to leave still haunt her at night, but no one would ever be able to get her to speak about any of it. No one knew of the path her life had taken up to then.

Seldanna Genna

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