Thierry Desmares

Clown Prince of Solhomme


His fair and tanned face caked with ivory greasepaint, Thierry Desmares is renowned throughout the capitol city of Solhomme as the People’s Prince.


At 26, Thierry is the younger brother to Remy Desmares, nicknamed The People’s Bishop of Solhomme.

When the boys were 3 and 9 they were orphaned by the death of their parents in a housefire. With no other relatives to claim them, the boys were raised by the streets of Solhomme. Their wit and charisma made them welcome in many homes, young Thierry learning to bring a smile to the faces of anyone who would help them out, and Remy taking solace in the church.

Close to this day, the brothers have moved in different directions. While Remy serves the church, Thierry makes a substantial living as an entertainer, both in the streets and in high demand to appear at events sponsored by the many nobles in Solhomme.

Thierry Desmares

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