Songs of Finbec

Kathon's Final Vengeance

Session 11

PCs: Ghesh, Andromeda, Arlo

A daring raid on Inmummar’s Camp. The party burst in taking the high road into the main courtyard. As combat with 5 bandits began, Ghesh jumped down into the lower courtyard as Arlo fired at and struck a bandit.

The wounded bandit charged back at Arlo, but missed, as did another firing at him. Two bandits fired on Andromeda, one missing and one striking her badly as Andromeda quickly turned and struck dead Arlo’s attacker.

As Ghesh fired a bolt into a bandit in the lower courtyard, Kathon placed her hand on Andromeda’s shoulder, healing her wounds; Arlo sang the song of sleep, though was only able to put out one Bandit.

The bandits returned fire, striking Arlo and Andro but missing Ghesh. Andro immediately fired back, her arrow soaring through the air and striking directly through her attackers eye as he crumpled.

Ghesh took a position in cover, but missed his shot at a bandit as Kathon, smelling revenge in the air, charged forth, striking the sleeping bandit with her mace, wounding him badly. Arlo’s bolt struck a bandit as the re-awakened bandit Kathon had attacked swung his mace at her, but in the daze of sleep missed contact.

Andromeda fired another bolt, dispatching her third bandit, as Arlo took out another. As the final bandit exchanged fire with Ghesh, the Dragonborn cast Shield on himself, the bolt bouncing off it.

Suddenly, Inmummar emerged from the top of the tower of the fort, pouring an oil into the tower and igniting it, destroying the wooden stairs inside and beginning to climb down to the portcullis. An arrow from Andromeda sailed through the air striking Inmummar, as in the lower courtyard Ghesh dispatched the final bandit with a burst of Lightning.

Arlo fired at bolt at Inmummar and missed as Ghesh struck the foe with magic missles, and Kathon charged to the stairs of the tower wall, casting Shield of Faith on herself. As a bolt from Arlo struck into Inmummar, the old, evil elf and Kathon met each other in combat, Inmummar’s rapid attack badly wounding Kathon even as he was struck by another arrow from Andromeda in the courtyard below.

Ghesh’s magic missles strike out at Inmummar once more, leaving him severely wounded, as Kathon swings her mace at him and strikes, but wounded badly, does little damage herself. The bard Arlo makes it to the top of the tower though, and fires a bolt into Inmummar, a killing blow.

As Inmummar lay on the stone tower wall, badly wounded, he looks up at Kathon. He goads her to finish him off as Ghesh lays a hand on Kathon’s shoulder, telling her she has a choice.

“Silence!” shouts Kathon, as she brings her mace down on Inmummar, to complete her quest of vengeance. As her mace falls upon him, a poison dagger emerges from Inmummar’s cloak, and in the vile man’s final act, the blade, glimmering with a green liquid, slashes across her leg.

Kathon suddenly began to age terribly quickly, in mere seconds her body showing the entire cycle of the rest of what should have been her many years. Ghesh attempted to bring a potion of healing to her lips, but the poison was too strong and the potion too late, and Kathon smiled weakly, as she took her dying breaths, and spoke her last words to the party: “You’ve given me peace. Thank you.”

The Dragonborn placed copper coins on the closed eyes of both elves from Aelun, and the three said their final goodbyes to her, secure in knowing that at least she knew she had achieved her life’s goal before her passing.


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