Songs of Finbec

A Not-So-Friendly Drink
Session 4

PCs: Ghesh of Norixius, Silverwood Andromeda, Lilliana Mereaux

The party arrives back in Rossale, where they hand the cultists Marlee Ilgenar (still in a coma) and Gustav Perie over to the guards. The guards inform them that they should meet up with the Inspector the next day to be cleared of any wrongdoing in the case. They then go visit Alban Duclos to collect their reward, and head to the Weary Emerald to relax and wash up.

While eating a bit at the Weary Emerald, Micken Ilgenar, father of the comatose cultist, angrily enters. He accepts the party’s story, and requests that they intervene and help him get access to a parcel of land he’d like to hunt from the reluctant Tenil Rovena.

A Camping We Will Go
Session 3

PCs: Ghesh of Norixius, Silverwood Andromeda, Lilliana Mereaux, Daelin Andoral, Seldanna Genna

The Party discovers that the woman, who won’t awake, is Marlee Ilgenar, and the man is her friend, Gustav Perie. Gustav seems to have had a crush on Marlee, and traveled with her on her ritual in hopes of getting her out of the cult.

The warehouse cleared, they leave, stopping for the night at the Sun Battalion camp, to see Bertez. Around the campfire, they also meet the leader of the Sun Battalion, Guian Harcourt, sword of Queen Aveline. Bertez requests that, on arriving back in town, they deliver a note for him to the bard Earline Wildryt. Tales and drink are exchanged around the campfire.

In the morning, the war-deacon turns the two young cultists back over to the party, who head out for Rossale.

Meeting People is Easy
Session 2

PCs: Ghesh of Norixius, Silverwood Andromeda, Lilliana Mereaux, Daelin Andoral, Seldanna Genna

Before entering the warehouse, the party meets Seldanna Genna, who joins them for some time. Inside, they find quite a few giant rats. After the rats are slain, they find a mechanical portion of the floor which, with some levers and cranks, they lower into a basement.

In the basement they find more rats, and door, with a low rumbling creature behind it. When opening the door, they find themselves faced with an alligator, who appears to be protecting to cultists, in a trance and engaged in some ritual.

They slay the alligator, and the cultists attack. A young man, who seems fearful, and a young woman, who seems determined. They fight until the young woman is knocked unconscious, which also appears to release the boy from the trance. He drops his scimitar, and pleads for his life…

Beginnings, Bertez, Bandits
Session 1

PCs: Ghesh of Norixius, Silverwood Andromeda, Lilliana Mereaux, Daelin Andoral

We begin with the party en route to a former mill which Alban Duclos, a clothier and trader based in Rossale, has recently purchased. The warehouse has been in disuse for some time, and Alban would like to have any pests cleared out.

As the party introduces themselves to one another, each being hired separately by Alban, they come across a wagon stuck in the mud with a broken wheel. An older man curses the wagon, trying to fix it. They stop and help the man, who introduces himself as Bertez, Sun Battalion, Obsidian Griffith, Assault 2 Intelligence Liason. As they get the wheel back on the wagon, they are attacked by bandits.

The party, with the help of Bertez, slays the bandits. In thanks, Bertez gives them each a cheap tin coin, emblazoned with the Sun on one side, and a Griffin on the other. He makes his way to the Sun Battalion camp, and the party to the warehouse.

At the warehouse, they find a door, not locked, and two sets of footprints in the wet mud outside…


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