Songs of Finbec

Reunited And It Feels So Good
Session 16

PCs: Arlo, Ghesh, Andromeda, Desmond, Lilliana

On their way back to Solhomme Cathedral, Arlo, Ghesh, Andro, and Desmond run into Lilliana Mereaux – who is in Solhomme, unsure of exactly where she’s been since the last they’ve seen her. After a brief catch-up, they meet up with a monk outside the Cathedral, and are brought in to meet the Bishop of Solhomme, Remy Desmares.

Remy reviews the codebook, and thanks the party for their assistance. He informs them that the believes there may be a plot against the crown, though he’s unable to say exactly what it is, for fear of wrongly accusing anyone. However, they do know a bit of the plot: A ship with powder which is part of a new and powerful weapon called a “canon” has arrived in port. Remy believes they intended to use this destructive powder as part of the plot, but doesn’t want to tip the church’s hand – so he requests the party investigate.

They find The Falling Star at port, with only a few guards. Ghesh attempts to bribe the quartermaster for information, but a man of integrity, he can’t be bought. But Lilli bats her eyes, brushes her hair back, and the old man is smitten – warning her that they’d be smart not to mess with House Calvet.

Boarding the boat, Desmond convinces the crew that the party has come to relieve them. The three guards atop the ship tricked, they go below decks – where three cloaked spies await. Not so easily deceived, a fight breaks out.

The Plot Thickens
Session 13, 14, 15

PCs: Arlo, Ghesh, Andromeda, Theoris, Desmond

The group (Arlo, Ghesh, Andromeda, Theoris) heads to the Lower Hollow to find the tax collector, Herman Ryal. In addition to Herman, they find two thugs, Inard and Folke, who had been harassing him. After a fight, they manage to obtain the tax collectors ledger, and set out on the road for Solhomme.

A few days into their journey, a young boy comes to the wagon, seeking help. His brother has been lost in a cave. The gang ventures into the cave, only to find an Ankheg guarding the interior.

Arlo strikes at the Ankheg with Shatter, Ghesh with magic missles, Theoris with his bolts. The creature nearly seizes Ghesh in his claws, but the dragonborn breaks free. The party continues to fire at the creature, striking it down, when they hear a cry from deeper within the cave.

They chase it, past the corpse of the ankheg, and come face to face with 4 huge Wolf Spiders and an Ettercap. As they prepare for battle, an even larger Giant Spider joins in, attacking the Wolf Spiders. Theoris flees in terror, never to be heard from again.

With his fearsome Shatter spell, Arlo instantly destroys two of the wolf spiders. The Giant Spider spins a web and captures the ettercap, but the ettercap managers to break free, and attacks the Giant Spider. The two remaining wolf spiders attack the party, but do little damage. Ghesh lets loose his lightening, severely wounding them. Andromeda’s mighty blade cleaves a spider in half. The party dispatches the last remaining spider, and turns on the Ettercap.

As the battle rages, the bard once again lets loose Shatter, and the Ettercap is destroyed – at which point the Giant Spider turns into a human – the druid, Desmond.

The party returns the boys to their home, where they live in peace with their grandfather, and continue on to Solhomme.

Upon reaching the city. they run into an old friend – Bertez! Bertez relieves them of the tax delivery, encourages the paladin Ghesh to visit the temple of Beroan, and leaves after some catching up.

The party stops at a tavern, the Foolish Trickster, before continuing on to the Temple of Beroan. After mass and a brief theological discussion, the priest at the temple tells them of a new group, causing instability in the kingdom. He encourages them to go see the clown, Remy Desmares.

The group finds the clown, who slips them a note with an address during his performance, and mentions 2 men leaving a tavern called the Broken Candle in the slums.

The party arrived on the street where the Candle was just in time to find the men, and followed them into a hideout. Desmond transformed into a Dire Wolf and the halfling Arlo snuck in above, and the party ambushed the men, as they review what appears to be a code book of some form.

Ghesh lights the building on fire. As they fight inside, Andro kills one of the men. While most of the code book is destroyed, they recover a bit of it from the ashes. The other tries to run, but is struck in the leg with a crossbow bolt. As the crowd across the street begins to clamor for the townsguard to put out the fire, Andro slices the remaining one open to leave no witnesses.

As they escape, a little street urchin boy slides out of the shadows, and informs the group he’s been directed to tell them to get to Solhomme Cathedral right away. He slips back into the shadows as the party escapes the scene of the fire.

Funeral for a Friend
Session 12

PCs: Ghesh, Andromeda, Theoris, Arlo

As the party awoke after their encounter with Inmummar and his bandits, they scoured for treasure while Andromeda spoke to animals and found a few horses. Arlo and Theoris hobbled together a cart, and they began the voyage back to Rossale, with bodies to bury.

Along the way they met a Pegasus, Apomeon, who had been Inmummar’s steed. Seeking vengeance, the creature attacked, but Andromeda was able to convince it to take Inmummar’s body and let them be.

Arriving in Rossale, they brought Kathon to the Mesian Temple, and funeral rites were performed, and ashes given to Ghesh to scatter. They then hit up the Deacon Hill market for some buying and selling.

While at the market, the party was summoned to the office of Mayor Lise Gaudreaux, where they were hired to perform another task – fetch the tax lodger from a drunken tax collector, and carry the town’s collection to the capitol city, Solhomme.

The party agreed to take the four and a half day’s ride to Solhomme, and in exchange would keep the horses and carriage. Lise then asked to see their wooden “ruby” from Earline Wildryt, and pressed the ruby into the cone of a small silver candle snuffer before handing it back to them, and bidding them well.

Kathon's Final Vengeance
Session 11

PCs: Ghesh, Andromeda, Arlo

A daring raid on Inmummar’s Camp. The party burst in taking the high road into the main courtyard. As combat with 5 bandits began, Ghesh jumped down into the lower courtyard as Arlo fired at and struck a bandit.

The wounded bandit charged back at Arlo, but missed, as did another firing at him. Two bandits fired on Andromeda, one missing and one striking her badly as Andromeda quickly turned and struck dead Arlo’s attacker.

As Ghesh fired a bolt into a bandit in the lower courtyard, Kathon placed her hand on Andromeda’s shoulder, healing her wounds; Arlo sang the song of sleep, though was only able to put out one Bandit.

The bandits returned fire, striking Arlo and Andro but missing Ghesh. Andro immediately fired back, her arrow soaring through the air and striking directly through her attackers eye as he crumpled.

Ghesh took a position in cover, but missed his shot at a bandit as Kathon, smelling revenge in the air, charged forth, striking the sleeping bandit with her mace, wounding him badly. Arlo’s bolt struck a bandit as the re-awakened bandit Kathon had attacked swung his mace at her, but in the daze of sleep missed contact.

Andromeda fired another bolt, dispatching her third bandit, as Arlo took out another. As the final bandit exchanged fire with Ghesh, the Dragonborn cast Shield on himself, the bolt bouncing off it.

Suddenly, Inmummar emerged from the top of the tower of the fort, pouring an oil into the tower and igniting it, destroying the wooden stairs inside and beginning to climb down to the portcullis. An arrow from Andromeda sailed through the air striking Inmummar, as in the lower courtyard Ghesh dispatched the final bandit with a burst of Lightning.

Arlo fired at bolt at Inmummar and missed as Ghesh struck the foe with magic missles, and Kathon charged to the stairs of the tower wall, casting Shield of Faith on herself. As a bolt from Arlo struck into Inmummar, the old, evil elf and Kathon met each other in combat, Inmummar’s rapid attack badly wounding Kathon even as he was struck by another arrow from Andromeda in the courtyard below.

Ghesh’s magic missles strike out at Inmummar once more, leaving him severely wounded, as Kathon swings her mace at him and strikes, but wounded badly, does little damage herself. The bard Arlo makes it to the top of the tower though, and fires a bolt into Inmummar, a killing blow.

As Inmummar lay on the stone tower wall, badly wounded, he looks up at Kathon. He goads her to finish him off as Ghesh lays a hand on Kathon’s shoulder, telling her she has a choice.

“Silence!” shouts Kathon, as she brings her mace down on Inmummar, to complete her quest of vengeance. As her mace falls upon him, a poison dagger emerges from Inmummar’s cloak, and in the vile man’s final act, the blade, glimmering with a green liquid, slashes across her leg.

Kathon suddenly began to age terribly quickly, in mere seconds her body showing the entire cycle of the rest of what should have been her many years. Ghesh attempted to bring a potion of healing to her lips, but the poison was too strong and the potion too late, and Kathon smiled weakly, as she took her dying breaths, and spoke her last words to the party: “You’ve given me peace. Thank you.”

The Dragonborn placed copper coins on the closed eyes of both elves from Aelun, and the three said their final goodbyes to her, secure in knowing that at least she knew she had achieved her life’s goal before her passing.

Camp Ambush
Session 10

PCs: Ghesh, Andromeda, Theodoris, Arlo

The party heads out with Kathon in her revenge quest for Inmummar. En route, they encounter a group of 4 Bandits posting watch about a mile from Inmummar’s fort.

Battle ensues. With the archery of Theodoris and Andromeda, the bladework of Ghesh, and the spells of the bard Arlo, 2 bandits are captured and the rest of the opponents dispatched.

Night Work
Session 9

The party ventured into the Lower Hollow to convince Tenil Rovena to cede the hunting grounds to Micken Ilgenar.

At the Lovely Wench, they convinced Elwynd Palmer to allow herself to be “kidnapped”, in exchange for ransom – enough gold for her and Tilner Rye to leave down, and the signed deed for Micken. As Arlo entertained the crowd with his song, the others set up the plot.

Andromeda posed as a working girl, alongside Elwynd. As they entered the Wench, Ghesh posed as a wealthy suitor, and purchased their company. Outside, on the way to their room, Elwynd used a bit of magic to animate several cloaks, having them appear to kidnap her – and conjured a Dryad to make the battle a bit more realistic.

As the crowd shrieked and rushed out to see the fight, Arlo joined with his companions in combat against the dryad. As his bolt struck the fatal blow, a note was “found” with the ransom demands – which Tenil rapidly complied with, in hopes of winning Elwynd’s affections. The deed was signed over, and the party had what they needed to satisfy Micken.

New Friends & Enemies
Session 8

PCs: Ghesh of Norixius, Silverwood Andromeda, Arlo Greenbottle

The party heads out to the Happy Egg to meet up with Kathon Maycey, who they met at Earline’s show. Meeting with Kathon, they find that her father, Dain Ularo, was once one of the Windriders of Eshrenluna. During The Plague, he was killed by one of his men – Inmummar. She has been hunting him for decades, and he now is hiding out in an abandoned for not too far from Rossale. The party volunteers to help her exact her revenge.

They also meet a halfling bard, Arlo Greenbottle. Arlo is looking for adventures and inspiration, and joins along with the group for their future adventures.

Eyes In The Dark
Session 7

PCs: Ghesh of Norixius, Silverwood Andromeda, Lilliana Mereaux

A guardsman finds the party, and tells them that Inspector Vildane Radale has found himself called off on urgent business, and asks if they will be able to follow up the lead at the Adept Scroll. They find the old wizard proprietor Ettard Barnes, and ask him for his assistance. He agrees he can help them, if they can help him clear up some monsters he’s let into his basement – he isn’t sure what. The party agrees, and is on their way downstairs – though not before Lilli receives a Spell Scroll to assist her.

After slaying a few rats, the party stumbles across a young grick. Andromeda strikes it first, though the blade does little damage to it. It lashes out at her with slimey tentacle, and Ghesh strikes it with a crossbow bolt. Lilli attempts to strike it with an eldritch blast, but the electricity in the air misses the beast. Again Andromeda strikes it with her blade, and this time when the grick retaliates it strikes her, and attempts to bite at her with it’s beak as well, but she breaks free. Ghesh fires a cold blue magical ray from his hand which strike the creature, ice building up around it, freezing it solid. He walks up to the beast and flicks it with a finger, and it shatters into a thousand pieces.

After Ghesh steals the beast’s beak from a pile of shards they continue through the cellars, finding a few more rats. Then, nearly having walks the entire loop, they encounter a strange creature hanging from a ceiling – a darkmantle!

It drops from it’s perch, flapping in the air, and Ghesh fires a bolt at it, piercing a tentacle. The darkmantle attacks Andromeda, who is closest, enveloping it’s tentacles around her head, but she again slips away. Lilli quickly fires an eldritch blast and misses, but Ghesh’s magic missles do not, and the creature falls dead. The party slays another rat on their way out of the cellar, and finds Ettard again.

In thanks, Ettard grants them all a small token. For Ghesh, a letter of introduction to his his cousin, proprietor of Barnes’ Beasts, just outside Solhomme – Ghesh seeks a pseudodragon, and the other Barnes may be able to help. For Andromeda, a small, plain grey stone – which once a day has the power of curing, alongside the strange side effect of randomly changing the color of her hair for three hours. He feels bad at just the letter, so also grants Gresh a very tiny wooden box, with the odd power to make anyone but the opener within 15 feet of the box very very cold – though not enough to hurt them – for up to 5 minutes at a time. For Lilli, a blank scroll, and the words that she’ll appreciate it eventually.

Friend of A Friend
Session 6

PCs: Ghesh of Norixius, Silverwood Andromeda, Lilliana Mereaux

After their night out, the party heads back to the Egg for a night’s rest, and journeys to meet the Inspector, Vildane Radale, at the Armory. The Inspector takes their statement, and instructs the party that they’re to remain in town until the case is fully closed, or at the least, that they’ve been cleared of any wrong-doing. He asks them for help in following up on one of the two leads: Track down Nellethiel Lugrakal, a friend of Marlee Ilgenar, for more information, or visit the Adept Scroll and find help in waking the girl.

The party heads to the Lower Hollow to track down Nellethiel. Once in the Hollow, they find themselves attacked by bandits, who they quickly dispatch. They first look at the Flamboyant Fire, but find don’t find her. On their way to the Lovely Wench, they run into Nellethiel. Nellethiel agrees to help them, and lets them know that Saturday their is to be a gathering, and she’ll let them know where it will be once she finds more details.

She also gives them information on Tenil Rovena. Tenil, they discover, is in love with a ‘working girl’ by the name of Elwynd Palmer. Elwynd, however, spends all of her free time with her love, a bard named Tilner Rye. Many nights, they discover, Tenil can be found at the Flamboyant Fire, drowning his sorrows.

Song & Dance
Session 5

PCs: Ghesh of Norixius, Silverwood Andromeda, Lilliana Mereaux

The party heads to Eelja’s Devil in the Altier Fort section of Rossale. As a favor to Bertez, they’re delivering a letter to the renowned Bard Earline Wildryt.

After hearing the Bard perform a set to a packed and delighted house, they meet another patron, Kathon Maycey. An elf, and heavily armed, Kathon asks the party to meet them at a tavern, Happy Egg, the next night to perform some mercenary work – though the details are not discussed.

At this time, the guards summon the party upstairs ot meet with Earline, who thanks them for delivering the note from Bertez. She also hands them a small wooden “ruby”, and asks that they pass it to Bertez next time they see him.


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