Rossale is a moderately-sized trading town along the route between Clelonde and Solhomme. A major trading hub for the farming towns of the Finbec Region.


The Mayor of Rossale is Lise Gaudreaux.

Rossale is a trading town, in the middle of a heavily wooded area, along the path between Clelonde (which is the eastern edge of the mining areas) and Solhomme. It’s a peaceful town, and not extremely wealthy, but fairly well-off, for the most part.

The circular area here is Deacon Hill, home to most of the shops in town, with a large street market in the center. North of Deacon Hill are the neighborhoods of Merrimac and Kardon. As well as a neighborhood jokingly called Oldstown, as it’s populated almost exclusively by retirees from nearby farms.

Immediately to the south of Deacon Hill are two working class neighborhoods, tradesmen and artisans who make things and sell them from their homes to merchants mostly.

Below Division Street is the Lower Hollow. This is a mix of slums an red-light district. The guards don’t go into the Lower Hollow, but have a VERY heavy presence on Division street. It’s understood that sometimes people need to blow off steam, and that every city has unsavory elements…so the leaders of Rossale have decided that they can all do whatever they want in the Lower Hollow, as long as they keep it in the Hollow.

The area between the two walls is where more of the wealth artisans love, and inside Altier Gate is the city center, which is where the Wealthiest of all in the city live, as well as royal officials, tax collectors, and the finest craftsmen of the region.


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