Royaum is a unified Empire, led by a divine ruler of the Mesian Religion. With an abundance of natural resources and fertile farmlands and a culture of meritocracy and local rule, peace is easy to keep; the ruling class of Royaum exists mainly to coordinate protection from the many dragons which roam the Empire, and to serve as the Protectors of the Mesian Faith.

Outside of the Montmesnil Cathedral and 9 Ruling Castles of Royaum, there are no large cities and fewer large towns than the size and wealth of the empire might suggest. Royaum consists mainly of small farms, mines, and fishers, with a great deal of importance placed on self-sufficience. Each Full Moon, churches throughout the countryside host large temporary marketplaces, where goods are traded, taxes paid, and news and rumors shared.

The empire consists of the 4 Lower and 4 Upper Kingdoms, a traditional divide which now carries only ceremonial meaning. Each Kingdom is named for the seat of the Kingdom. The borders between the kingdoms are not just black lines on the map, but wide and well-paved roads.

The Kingdoms of Royaum
Upper Kingdoms

  • Criquecher – The two northeastern islands form this region, which is primarily a land of fisherman, but also includes the Mages and Paladin Academies
  • Etain – The primary gold-mining hub of the kingdom, especially in the northern mountains. The Castle of Etain is also famous for it’s glasswares, made from the dunes of the Etain at the southern edge of the kingdom
  • Clelonde – the mountains of the kingdom are rich with iron mines, and the grasslands of the south produce abundant harvests without fail.
  • Finbec – this kingdom is the breadbasket of the upper kingdom, producing harvests only rivaled by Clelonde and fish all along the coast.
    Lower Kingdoms
  • Rhodma & Caen – like Finbec, major food production centers. Caen also serves as Royaum’s primary trading port with the southern continents
  • Fleurbec – Named for the River Fleur, the rich iron veins in the north produce weaponry and tools, and the harvests of the south feed the region
  • Escallefleur – Fertile lands, as well as the most fortified castles, as Escallefleur represents the point where major roads from outside Royaum led into the interior of the empire.


There are two parallel and connected powers throughout Royaum. A Noble sits in the castle at the seat of each Region, as does a Cardinal in the Cathedral within that castle.

Both Cardinals and Nobles rule over a region for only 3 year terms, at the end of each term the Cardinals returning to Montmesnil and the Nobles returning to Solhomme Palace when their replacements arrive.

The Congress of Cardinals at Montmesnil and Monarch of Solhomme assign the new regional Cardinals and Nobles, respectively, each year the end of the harvest festivals. The rotation plan prevents power from growing to deep in any region, and allow alliances to be broken up by distance from cabals and proximity to higher authorities.

Battalions of the Royaum Army

Because their is a great deal of dragon activity throughout the Empire, 30 Battalions of the Royaum Army are stationed throughout the country. With the exception of the Sun Battalion, the private army of the Monarch, rotation systems similar to those of the regional governors are in place, and battalions frequently reassigned throughout the country, to prevent any consolidation of military power.

At any given time, each region has one battalion assigned to the interior of the region (it’s companies often widely dispersed), one assigned to protect the region’s Castle (as well as to recover and train), and a third in transit between one role/region and another.


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